Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you’re building a new home, or just upgrading to a new more energy efficient air conditioning system for your current home, we offer a wide variety of brands that match the capacity, price and efficiency rating that you’re looking for.  Our complete systems include air conditioners, thermostats, heaters, filters, and accessories.

The heating & cooling system is the single biggest power drainer in the average home. However, Today’s heating and air conditioning systems are more energy efficient than units from as little as 5 years ago. Energy efficient HVAC systems cost less to operate. In the past decade, the development of new technology has been able to drastically improve the efficiency of heating and air conditioning units. The high efficiency heating and cooling systems of today actually pay for themselves in energy savings.

Ask Air Doctor about energy efficient HVAC installation. One of our air conditioning specialists will assist you in choosing the unit that is right for YOU, based on our decades of experience. We work with all types, models and brands.

In addition to air conditioning replacement, Air Doctor also provides all of your air conditioning repair and maintenance jobs, with only the skill and reliability that a 30 year old AC Company can offer!

Have your system inspected before the summer season begins and your air conditioner struggles to keep up with the strain of our blistering hot Texas summers!