Why Does My Air Conditioner Sound Strange?

When your air conditioner is making noise, it is never a good thing. There are noises normal for operation and there are noises that are not. If you are hearing any of those abnormal sounds, here is what could be happening and how concerned you should be.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Sound Strange?


If you hear squealing or shrieking coming in from your ducts, it is almost always a blower fan or motor issue. These are what put the “force” behind your forced air system. However, they can malfunction or come loose. The biggest concern of this issue is how annoying it is to listen to.

Rattle and Clang

If you hear rattling and clanging, most likely while near your outdoor unit, means that something has come loose. You can hear it rattling from the natural vibration of the appliance or from use. Usually, you will want to call to have it tightened up as letting it rattle can result in damage over time.


If you hear a grinding in your air conditioner unit, then it is likely your compressor. The compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant, and over time one of the pistons can go out. This is what will cause the grinding noise. This is something that will need immediate response. However, as it can be an expensive replacement, you may want to consider the overall age of your air conditioner before deciding between whether you need to make a repair to the compressor or a replacement. Usually, this doesn’t happen to particularly young units, so it may be time to make plans for a new air conditioner.

Do you have an air conditioner that is manifesting any of these strange noises or more? We can help. Contact us today to have the Air Doctor come out to investigate. Our professionals can help you put strange air conditioner noises to bed.