Sounds That Mean Air Conditioner Problems

While an air conditioning unit can be loud when you are close to it while running, it should make a relatively even sound. Furthermore, that sound should be pretty unobtrusive when you are inside your home. If you are hearing odd sounds coming from your air conditioner, here is what they could mean.

Sounds That Mean Air Conditioner Problems

The Sounds of AC Problems

Interestingly enough, your air conditioner may literally be crying out for help. Any noise that you don’t usually hear is the sound of a problem. It is just about figuring out how big of a problem it is. Noises to keep an ear out for include:

  • Hissing – Pumping cool air into your home comes with a small hiss, but if it has gotten louder or higher pitched, it can be a sign of a clogged filter or even a refrigerant leak if you notice it on the outdoor unit.
  • Screeching – Screeches and squeals are never good news. Usually it means that something is loose or has worn out. You will want a professional to investigate the blower fan or the blower motor belt.
  • Rattling – Like screeching, rattling usually means something is loose as well. Sometimes it could be a screw, but it could mean an issue with the ducts as well.
  • Buzzing – An air conditioner will always quietly buzz when running, but if it is ever too loud or happens when the unit is off, you will want to cut the electricity to the unit and call a professional. Buzzing is most often an electrical issue, and could be dangerous.

Do you hear any of these sounds or notice an issue with your air conditioner? We can help. Contact us today to have the Air Doctor take a look and give you our professional diagnosis on your air conditioning system.