Is There a Bad Season to Replace Your Air Conditioning?

Your air conditioning unit is a big investment, and if your unit is aging and needs replaced, you may need to wait a little while before you do it to gather the money. However, while those Christmas bonuses or tax return season may mean you have extra funds, winter is not the ideal time to replace your air conditioning.

Is There a Bad Season to Replace Your Air Conditioning?

While you may think that you might find some deals on air conditioners in the winter or get cheaper installation because it is the off-season, most HVAC companies don’t really have an off-season since they cover both heating and cooling. However, the biggest reason not to get a new air conditioner in the winter is a technical one.

In order to safely run your air conditioner, it needs to be above 65 degrees for at least two consecutive days. The oil used to lubricate your air conditioner only works well in warm temperatures. Otherwise it is thick and lubricates very poorly since the consistency is more like glue. This means turning on an air conditioner when it is cold could lead to damage.

This means that when an HVAC company comes out to install a new air conditioner, it can’t actually be tested until the spring. This means you have an installation that may or may not work properly. For this reason, most HVAC companies won’t even offer installation or maintenance on a current installation until they can safely turn on the air conditioner. This means waiting until the spring time.

In short, you may be trying to get a better deal by looking into replacing your air conditioning unit in the winter, but if you do find a company that will do it, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice since it may not even work when you need it too. If you are looking to upgrade your old air conditioner or keep your current one in strong working order, contact us today to see what Air Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning can do to help.