Are Late Season Air Conditioner Replacements Worth It?

Has your air conditioner fizzled out recently? Did it wait until the very last days of the air conditioning season to do it? If your air conditioner has died at the tail end of air conditioner season, you might wonder if you can just leave it sit until spring or if you need a late season replacement.

Are Late Season Air Conditioner Replacements Worth It?

There are actually very few disadvantages to doing it either time. As long as it does get replaced, either late season or waiting until spring is just fine. Waiting until spring can give you time to gather the money you may need for replacement as well as get more familiar with your options. However, if you do have the funds to replace a broken air conditioner that is beyond repair right now as air conditioner season winds down, you should consider it.

The major benefit of replacing an air conditioner at the end of the season is that it can often be more affordable. In other areas, autumn means cooling season ends and heating season starts. However, there’s not often a huge rush for heating installation and repair in Texas. As such, autumn and winter are considered a bit of an off-season. You may be able to get better prices and definitely a faster scheduling time than in the spring AC rush.

However, what you do need to keep in mind is the temperature. When a new air conditioner is installed, it needs to be tested to make sure it actually works. However, in temperatures below the 50s it can cause damage to turn on an air conditioner, thus your technician cannot test it. If the temperature has been dipping into the 50s recently, unfortunately, you will really want to wait for it to warm up before contacting a contractor for a new air conditioner.

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