Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies

For homeowners that want to do their own repairs and maintenance finding air conditioning parts and supplies can be a challenge. There are several options that range from working directly with the manufacturer or the retailer to obtain the necessary air conditioning parts to ordering online or through repair service companies.

Air conditioning parts, like automotive parts, are not all interchangeable, which can make purchasing items a bit challenging at times. There are some air conditioning parts that can be used on multiple types of brands or models, however many of the parts are unique to one particular type of unit. In addition different sizes of units will required different parts including even universal items like hoses, clamps and fans. Purchasing and installing the wrong air conditioning parts may cause more damage to the unit when you turn it on and can also create a hazard if the Freon or coolant is released into the air.

Whether you are purchasing the air conditioning parts in person at a repair shop or over the internet there are some basic pieces of information you will need. The first is the model and brand name of the air conditioning unit that is undergoing repair. It is important to know the brand to get the right type of part but the model number is also essential. In addition you should know if it is a window mount, through the wall, forced air, high velocity air or portable air conditioning unit. If you are purchasing in person, if at all possible, bring the old or damaged part with you and make a physical comparison. If the part is not identical it may not fit within your unit even it appears to be almost identical. This is particularly true for fan blades and cooling grids or fins that may not fit within the housing or bracket if they are even just a bit different in shape or design.

When purchasing air conditioning parts on the internet be aware of exactly what part you are looking for. If possible get the manufacturers part number and use that when ordering. Going to the air conditioner’s manufacturers website can be very helpful in determining the correct name and part number for the item you are replacing. Be sure to check the websites return policy and make sure it is secure website before providing any credit card or personal information. Watch also for the company’s refund policy and if they pay return shipping or if shipping and handling or restocking fees are deducted from your refund.