Air Conditioner Problems That Are Actually Duct Problems

You may not know it, but a number of common air conditioner issues aren’t actually problems with your air conditioner at all. In fact, the problem is happening somewhere in the middle with your duct work. Damage to your ducts can cause myriad problems, so if any of these issues rings true to your home, you will want to call a professional to investigate.

Air Conditioner Problems That Are Actually Duct Problems

Strange Smells

If the air being blown into your home smells funky, it very likely isn’t because the air outside smells bad. What usually is the case is that there is a breach in the ducts, moisture gets in, and this causes mold to grow. That mold and bacteria starts to smell which is then transferred to your air. It could be caused by the same issue inside your AC unit, but the ducts are just as likely.

Uneven Temperatures

Do certain areas of your home not meet your temperature needs? There are air conditioner issues that can cause this, like your air conditioner being too far from the room or too small. However, another cause for this can be leaks in your duct work. Essentially, outside air is mixing with the treated air and creating different temperature air.

Poor Airflow

One issue with breached or damaged ducts is that it can let in outside particles. These can build up in the duct work and will serve to both lower air quality and restrict airflow. If you notice that there is a barely a breeze in certain rooms or that some rooms are getting more dusty than usual, then this can be a sign that your ducts are damaged.

Is your home having any of these issues? Whether they are air conditioner issues or duct issues, we can help. Contact us today to see what Air Doctors Heating & Cooling can do to help.